There was a brawl in Montgomery, Alabama that took place on Saturday August 5th between a group of black people and white people. There was a private boat docked in an area that was preventing another larger boat called the Harriet from docking. The co captain who is a black male was picked up from the boat by a separate vessel and brought to the pier to try to get the members of the private boat to move their boat. The co captain asked the owners of the private boat to move because the Harriet could not dock their boat until they moved the private boat. They got upset and decided to jump the worker after he asked them to move the boat and oh my that was their biggest mistake. 

Everyone on the larger boat called the Harriet witnessed the white males and females jump the black man.  This is how the brawl began. After the co captain took several blows and kicks, people from the Harriet who were mostly black got off the boat and started fighting the white people who jumped the black co captain.  One black guy swam over to help fight. One man started beating them with chairs. The white people got beat up and locked up. I bet they won’t try this again.

13 individuals were detained and questioned. Some of the owners of the private boat had prior charges of assault and more.

Some white people need to stop thinking they are privileged and can do whatever they want.  This is the same city Martin Luther King was killed and where black people marched for miles. 

The police officers that arrested the white group of people who started the brawl were black. It’s sad after all of these years we are experiencing these incidents. However, it’s time for black people to stand together. 

By sicarah

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